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Where to surf in Lisbon

There many places to surf in the Lisbon area, very near from the city center: Praia do Guincho, with a beautiful lanscape, Costa da Caparica, with thousand of pics, Carcavelos, accessible by train, Praia Grande, Parede, and much more. Different places, for different skills, but for everyone!

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How to get there?

That’s where Lisboa Surf is usefull. From Lisboa, many places are accessible by train or by bus, and of course in summer, they get crowded… With the Lisboa Surf App, you can find some friends to go surfing with: if you have a car, you can share the ride and make friends, if you dont have one, you can go to the beach for a really cheap price… and make some friends too!

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What else?

Lisboa is not only a good place for surfing, with many amazing beaches & landscapes. It ‘s an historical city, where every single building has something to tell. It’s an amazing place for sightseeing and …for parties! From the famous Bairo Alto to the Pink Street, Alfama and Docas, it’s a thousand of bars, concert places, clubs to discover!

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About Lisboa Surf

What is Lisboa Surf about?

Lisboa Surf was created in 2011 by a group of friends who were living in lisbon. Basically, the idea was to share informations about the best spots, to do carpooling, and manage surf trips for the weekend, around a Facebook group. As the group is open, many people came to be added and many people met and went surfing together. Now, the Facebook group is still very active, and evolved to an online shop where it is possible to buy accessories, wetsuits, surfboards, new or second hand. Take a look!


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